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/Bio: Alex

Alex Garzon holds a bachelor degree in Architecture from La Salle University in Colombia. Before moving to live in the United States, he won several prizes in architectural competitions including the “International competition for Ideas Homage for Architect Le Corbusier,” juror by Mario Botta; the “Draft of the Church and Parish Center” and “XIII Architecture Biennial non-building chapter”.

He challenged himself with the creation of 25 historical models in scale during 3 years. Beginning with the drawings of the plans, elevations, etc., using books, pictures and videos of the existing buildings, to then carefully began the process of cutting, one by one, every single detail of the building by hand, and adding the finishing touches of color and texture as in the real ones. Examples of those models are St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Taj-Mahal in India, Chambord Castle in France and the Neuschwansten Castle in Germany.

The success of this project allowed him to receive from the USA immigration service his permanent residency as an "Alien worker with exceptional abilities in Art", after accomplishing with it the highest prerequisite required for the approval. He became an American citizen.

 While living in Miami, Fla., he also worked at GT scale models and gained experience in model presentations. Then, he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and worked for Mark Gardner and Associates doing 3D computerized modeling and rendering.

Always looking for challenges and growth, he moved to work for Michael Graves & Associates; where for the following 6 years, he was able to learn and use his talents as Senior Model Maker, producing high quality architectural models with the most sophisticated technology in this area: 3D printer,  laser  cut machine, cnc, metal etch, sla and more and also developing his craftsmanship by producing hundreds of handmade prototypes, at real scale sculptures of products ordered by major retail companies like Target, Lenox, Alessi to this well-known industrial designing company.


He worked as a consultant in a High - End residential development in NYC with Radii inc., Kennedy Fabrications and Lenon models, making scale models with unit by unit lighting using an iPad as a controller. Examples of the buildings are: 150 Charles Street of Cook Fox Architects and 50 United Nations Plaza of Foster and Partners.


 In 2000, Alex formally opened his own office TAG-, under his stewardship, they are a team of architects, artists, designers, drafters and engineers to professionally represent architectural projects in the fields of scale models and 3D visualization.

Our mission is to ensure that each of our projects meet the most exacting standards of our clients by incorporating the highest quality materials and cutting edge technology.

We trust in our abilities and experience to produce projects that demonstrate both precision and excellence.

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