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Interactive in Real-Time | VR

Interactive in  Real-Time

We work with a game engine that enables the client to walk through the rendered scene and immediately change any furniture or lamps, open and close doors, turn lights on and off, modify textures and colors of the walls, floors, kitchen cabinets & counter tops, as well as manage many other features of the project space. In effect, any space can be modified by you and your client on the spot, in real-time.

  • Live Floor Plans : Mini-map of floor plans including real-time view of player location and view direction

  • Edit Mode : Quickly switch models and/or materials

Virtual Reality- VR

Over the past few years we have strived to think of new ways in which we can develop our products, not only in their aesthetics, but also in all technological aspects. The potential of virtual reality has been on the horizon for quite some time, so developing projects in this field is a leap into the future of architectural visualization. We can say that today virtual reality is the most powerful marketing and sales tool in the Real Estate market!

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